TODAY ONWARDS February 22, 2019
  One of the best water sterilizing system which could be used in daily all-purpose-water utilization. The Advanced Technology   Korona assists you to disinfect and sterilize water and for all water necessities in day-to-day life. As we know, the water available today is almost polluted and the diseases caused by using such water increase day by day. This may lead to unhealthy & unfit generation.     Health and fitness concerns do not end up by getting a solution for healthy. We use water 24/7 in other areas like cooking, washing clothes, cleaning vegetables/ utensils and in washroom. At present Scenario, we are bothered about drinking polluted water and finds out useful measures to solve this issue. But we are not concerned about the usage of polluted water throughout a day for other purposes, which could cause serious health issues in future.