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Everyone knows eating lots of fruits and vegetable are healthy, however you thinking that healthy food you eat is completely safe….

 Think again?

The fruits and vegetable that we are consuming today are highly contaminated with various insecticides and pesticides that can impact critically on your healthy life.

In this scenario washing the vegetable and fruits under running water is not enough to clean  

You need to do more

To overcome this situation SMARTWAY introduces device for consuming your palatable food

A perfect machine to wash all and make perfect clean, kill bacteria, remove chemical and pesticides

By using KORONA KITCHEN CARE for effective cleaning, removes chemicals, pesticides and make your vegetables and fruits germ free.

KORONA KITCHEN CARE is a sterilizer and disinfection technology to clean your food items without damaging them. KORONA is one of the safest disinfecting system for your health

fruits and vegetables you can also use for

Meats, Grains, Fish,

Use sterilized water for cooking

KORONA KITCHEN CARE is compact kitchen device and can fit any were in your kitchen

Time for health and hygienic life   



We Care

BV : 100 SP : 14999 RB : 1000


Open KORONA KITCHEN CARE box and make sure that there is no physical damage. Check whether you received all the items listed in good condition.


 KORONA KITCHEN CARE Hybrid Disinfection System, User Manual with Warranty Card, Silicon Tube - 2 Mtr, Diffuser - 1 No, Brochure, Wall Marking Sticker, Screw for Wall Mounting


Fix KORONA KITCHEN CARE at a suitable place not more than 2 meter from any water source. Make sure that the electric power is available near KORONA KITCHEN CARE.

Hang KORONA KITCHEN CARE on the wall as shown in the figure. Make sure that the diffuser is placed in the centre bottom


Power: 220-240 volts AC 50 Hz


Connect the KORONA KITCHEN CARE to a suitable electrical outlet & make sure the electrical power output is as per the specifications of the product. Then turn on the button on KORONA KITCHEN CARE. Once the KORONA KITCHEN CARE is ON, you can see a Power LED light on the product.

 When KORONA KITCHEN CARE is ON, ON LED will glow in Red colour and you can see the air pump working with a low vibration, check whether air bubbles appear on the surface of water in the tank. The Red LED will go OFF when KORONA KITCHEN CARE is OFF.

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