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Renovita Herbal Honey

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Net Weight: 800g

Tube net weight: 150g

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                       "Unique Blend of

     Ashwagandha | Wild Amla | Turmeric
           Black Pepper | Pure Honey"

Natural Superfoods and immune boosters with unique surprising Health Benifits of Renovita Herbal Honey


Renovitaᵀᴹ, Herbal Honey is a Unique Blend of Natural Superfoods and immune boosters. We have put in immense efforts to bring all the nutrients and immunity-boosting elements to a food that can be made a daily habit. It can be consumed along with any snacks, breads, confectioneries, or beverages, where honey is normally used. The key ingredients are Honey, Ashwagandha, Turmeric, Black Pepper and Amla. Taking Renovitaᵀᴹ Herbal Honey as part of everyday food will help improve your overall health. The scientific importance and natural benefits of the ingredients of Herbal Honey have its mention in authentic Ayurveda texts.

Renovitaᵀᴹ Herbal Honey is developed in such a way that it can be used as our daily food and also easy to carry on your travel. 1 teaspoon of Renovitaᵀᴹ Honey( Apprimately 15 gm) twice a day will nourish your body with the vitamins and nutrients and boost your immunity . It’s ideal to consume Herbal honey in empty stomach in the morning or can used as spread along with bread, chapatti,Idli, Dosa, Snacks or any mid day meal. Regular use of Renovitaᵀᴹ herbal honey for 6 months will improve overall immunity of your body and restore the imbalances naturally.

Best to use before 18 months from date of manufacturing.


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